Peruvian Andes, Acclimatisation Hikes

AbschlussMy fascination with the Andes goes back to the time I was a kid, reading Jules Verne’s novel ” The Children of Captain Grand”.  Accordingly, I should have gone to Patagonia, because this is where Lord Glenervan and his companions experienced their first adventures. However as time went by Matthias and I couldn’t decide what we wanted to see in Patagonia. One day, while surfing in the Internet, I came acrros the website of a professional photographer showing beautiful pictures of Cordillera Huayhuash in Peru. We were both so fascinated by the landscape that we dropped right away the plans to visit Patagonia and focused instead on Peru. As it happens, while searching for further information about Cordillera Huayhuash we came across Christian Alvarado and his small agency, Go2Andes. In order to have a comparison we contacted in the beginning two more operators, but very soon decided to stay with Christian not only because he answered our questions with reassuring German precision but also because he never tried to convince us to buy more services than we seemed to need. Since we wanted to have a bit of flexibility, we didn’t buy a “full-options” package from Christian and rather made with him only the arrangements for the Classic Huayhuash Trek and two climbing tours in Cordillera Blanca. For the accommodation we chose Guesthouse Morales, without knowing at the time we booked the room, that the owner, Hisao Morales, was also the owner of one of the oldest and most famous tour operators in Huaraz, Peruvian Andes Adventures. With Hisao’s agency we did  also the first two acclimatisation hikes and the hike to Laguna 69. In his guesthouse we felt almost like home.


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