I am a hobby photographer based in Southern Germany, working as a label manager in the classical music industry. I started playing the piano at 5 and for twenty years that was my profession. In 2002 I received a scholarship for the Music University of Stuttgart, but in 2006 I abruptly decided to give up the profession of piano playing. It took some two and half more years to find my way in a new profession (that of cultural management) which then brought with it what I previously haven’t had before in my entire life: free time to use it the way I choose. I invested that time in mountaineering with the aim to make photographic documentation of my mountain tours. At some point, photography got the upper hand…


NaturFoto (Issue 3/2024)

Terra Quantum (Interview from February 2022)

LensWork – Our Magnificent Planet (2021)

Natural Landscape Photography Awards (2021) – highly commended 

International Landscape Photographer of the Year (2021) – Top 101

LensWork – Our Magnificent Planet (2020)





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